Awarded the 2018 Best Newcomer Firm of the Year in Europe by International Tax Review

Applied Economics

As transfer pricing and international tax experts, we have deep experience in functional benchmarking and financial modeling, both of which are analytical tools that are often used for strategic decision-making and business analytics outside the realm of tax and transfer pricing. For Aptis clients, no question is too small and no data set is too large; we areprepared to provide analytics scaled to your needs.

With transfer pricing as a core competence, Aptis is able to extend the benchmarking toolkit into the boardroom for application in a number of decision-making scenarios. Such analyses are useful to companies in search of targets or those looking to pin forecasting assumptions to an external reality by creating a framework for the kind of performance that can be expected under certain conditions, such as scale of the player or the geographic region in which they operate. It can be valuable for internal performance indicators where management may want to view a certain aspect of the supply chain, such as manufacturing, and would benefit from functional benchmarking indicative to transfer pricing analytics.

We have the analytical expertise to benchmark your business as a full enterprise, or use our transfer pricing insights to parse your company’s value chain and create a view as to whether “the sum of the parts is greater than the whole.” We have experience in using the transfer pricing toolkit to create C-suite dashboards or to evaluate strategic decisions, such as divestitures as well as mergers and acquisitions.

Our seasoned team is prepared to come alongside you as a strategic partner to help answer the tough questions from Audit Committee, Steering Committees, or the C-Suite as well as a potential investor or other financial suitor. Our analytical expertise can assist a tax department in creating an integrated operations and tax dashboard that will be used to establish the measures of success and a platform by which to gauge progress during the implementation and maintenance stages of a structure.