Clarity in a cycle of complexity.

Aptis Global LLC is an independent transfer pricing firm with an international footprint that brings strategy, insights and analytics to help companies transform their business and preserve shareholder value.

Strategy. Insights. Analytics.

As transfer pricing strategists, we see the disruptive environment that multinational companies are operating in at an unsurpassed velocity, driven by new technology advances and widespread digitalization as well as globalization, bringing a myriad of new and evolving tax and legislative regulations, and the corresponding data and financial reporting systems requirements supported by a shifting workforce.

Multinational organizations, large or small, with or without digital footprints, must manage this increasingly complex landscape and anticipate the tax regulatory changes that accompany these disruptions while addressing the ongoing impact on their transfer pricing, tax compliance, and supply chain, and proactively absorbing new challenges, such as digital tax.

Aptis Global partners with the tax leadership of these companies to proactively navigate their transfer pricing journey from strategy to compliance and controversy, empowering them to confidently manage the matter independently after the project ends. During a cycle of complexity, clarity is critical to a defendable transfer pricing foundation. 

At Aptis, our fundamental objective in serving our clients
is to demystify transfer pricing and empower our clients.

Kathrine Kimball

Managing Principal and Founder

In the world of BEPS, the "DEMPE" story must be holistic, telling the integrated story of how a company's supply chain and intangible property converge to create value.

Kathrine Kimball

Managing Principal & Founder

Digital Tax

Why should a “non-digital-born” company be concerned about digital tax? It’s a valid question. Simply stated, if your company is consumer facing and sells into jurisdictions remotely, either directly or indirectly through a third party, you may trigger what is considered the “new nexus.”