Aptis Global was inspired by the latin term “aptissimi,” used to describe those who aspire to be the best of the best.  Aptis Global aims to serve clients uniquely, foster a culture of quality in all things, and create an environment where self-led individuals will thrive. As seasoned experts operating on a nimble, global platform, we are uniquely capable of addressing your company’s concerns in this current cycle of complexity. We customize our approach to serve each client in each season of their transfer pricing development and partner with them as their own resources evolve. It is this kind of alliance that instills confidence in an otherwise uncertain playing field.

Our seasoned team brings over 100 years of experience to our perspective with both in-house and consulting experience from globally-recognized transfer pricing experts. Our global team operates on a truly global platform in the North American and Europe, leveraging friendships that have spanned decades, bringing our unique culture and chemistry to every engagement. In fact, we credit our unique culture to the recognition that Aptis Global and its leaders have  received repeatedly by our industry peers.