Awarded the 2018 Best Newcomer Firm of the Year in Europe by International Tax Review

Our Mentors

Aptissimi:  a latin term used in the 1500’s to describe those who are among the very best talent in the market and beyond. We believe today's “aptissimi’s” are those that set the higher standard for themselves and then invest in others, bringing them along on the journey. Aptis Global is proud to share our gratitude to the “Aptissimi’s” recognized since our launch on April 1, 2017 as leaders who are truly set apart in all they do. To our mentors, we applaud you.

Mr. Robert C. Gregory
Mrs. Nancy Martorano
Mrs. Stella Tokar
Mr. Ernest Aud
Mrs. Susan Gusho
Mr. John DeSantis
Mr. Aurelio Obiacoro
Ms. Rachelle Obiacoro
Dr. Juan Ceballos Hernandez
Mr. Robert Weber
Mrs. Ghislain Stas
Mr. Marcelle Vandevelde
Mr. Arthur Hankett
Captain Robin Riley
Dr. Marjorie Blanchard
Dr. Kenneth Blanchard
Mr. John S. MacArthur
Mr. Dale Spiegel
Ms. Alison Hooker
Mr. Michael McKee
Dr. Lawrence B. Pulley
Dr. John S. Strong
Mr. David N. Bowen
Mr. Pat Sammon
Mr. Robert Moran
Mrs. Julie Maloy
Mr. Stephen LeSala
Mrs. Maria Keckler
Mr. John S. Hobster
Mr. David Edquist