Life Sciences

The Life Sciences industry operates in a heavily regulated and highly competitive environment.  The industry is facing many challenges ranging from funding to cost cutting requirements as well as IP protection in a global marketplace. A value chain story is more defendable when it captures the true essence of the business dynamics, is grounded in the reality of the business and tied to the same measurements across key performance indicators relating to the stakeholders and of a life sciences company such as funding, innovation, commercialization, organization, and reputation, all for the long-term benefit of patients, clinicians, employees, and shareholders.

Aptis is positioned to bring decades of experience in partnering with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in achieving tax alignment with operational transformation. Understanding the “IP footprint” of any company can be challenging, particularly with the high-risk pipelines of a Life Sciences company, we have extensive experience in creating a sustainable transfer pricing and international tax strategy that will reflect the integrated value of the supply chain as well as the inherent risks associated in developing, employing and protecting intangible assets, ranging from the legally-protected intangible property to proprietary services that generate unique value for the organization. Our team will come alongside you to create a perspective that brings value to your organization, transforming the tax role into a strategic partner with the commercial side of the business, creating value for your company.