The continuous, transformational impact of technology has no boundaries. With accelerated velocity, technology tax departments are typically chasing the facts in understanding their business model, and in anticipating the tax implications of major company-wide initiatives, with inadequate information systems that lag in a fast-paced integration, creating multiple scenarios of information and difficulty in preparing strong audit defense files and in tracking valuable intangible property. The need for pragmatism in designing transfer pricing and international tax systems is paramount for technology companies.

Aptis professionals are experienced in creating a tax strategy for technology companies that addresses the common transfer pricing challenges around IP ownership, the dispersion of economic ownership and developing an optimal approach to realign the company’s assets with the relevant functions and risks as well as the design and implementation of a defendable cost allocation strategy. We understand the inherent risks of a virtual supply chain and are ready to partner with you in creating an integrated, defendable transfer pricing policy that is grounded in the commercial realities of your business and its infrastructure.