US Tax Reform: New Game = New Rules

White Paper

US Tax Reform: New Game = New Rules

A white paper authored by Kathrine A. Kimball, John S. MacArthur and Dale A. Spiegel, Jr.

As US Tax Reform (USTR) was unfolding in Congress, we adopted a Chess motif to discuss planning options for multinational businesses (MNCs) (see previous White Papers at Some strategies a taxpayer might implement from experience and knowledge of the discussions underway. Other situations required advance thinking (Chess puzzles) given that there might be little time to act (the clock was ticking) in the event of a late December passage – which did, in fact, ultimately occur. Time did run out, the clock struck midnight and the game did change, but did the rules?


NewGameNewRules_AptisGlobal US Tax Reform Transfer Pricing International Tax Strategy 2018.pdf